Everything we do, we believe in “Anytime & Anywhere we can be who we love”. As you know, Japan has been struggling with a declining population. While job openings for new graduates have reached a record high, this is not because Japanese students are excelling than ever; rather this is due to a shortage in workforce. I met with a lot of excellent talents abroad. Even though they have high motivation & high skills to carry out various jobs, they often have poor job opportunities due to external factors such as politics, economics, discrimination and so on.. We’ll adjust the supply-demand gap through our global education & recruitment biz. We’ll bring a lot of hope to Japan & the overseas talents as well. Then, we’ll drive the world from the age of national team to the age of club team.


Belief:Anytime & Anywhere, we can be who we love
Mission:Lights Your Future
Business:Global Education & Recruitment
Value:Good human relations are not means but purpose