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    University: MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, IIT Madras, NUS, Beijing, KAIST
    Company: Google, Amazon, Facebook, IBM, NVIDIA, Samsung, McKinsey
    And More: Kaggle top 0.01%, Hackathon winners, International Mathematical Olympiad medalists, Paper published in remarkable conferences
  2. High level of expertise and extensive work experience
    After graduating with a bachelor’s/master’s/doctoral degree in Computer Science,
    AI: image recognition, natural language processing, voice recognition, machine control, automated driving, robotics, medical AI, financial AI
    Web: full stack engineers (front + server side + DB + native apps + DevOps + test automation) …etc.
  3. Careful screening and recommendation with high accuracy
    Our technologically savvy and multilingual consultants get an accurate picture of your job description and make recommendations with high accuracy.

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