Join us at NAOMI KARADA Awaking Stretch Class, November 4, 11am (trial event for 10 colleagues)


As I finished my AI math class I believe my next step is updating our physical body. No matter how science and technologies are improving our body have been stayed same for more than million years.
How much do you think you know about your body itself?
Do you say you well-manage your body before considering about managing other people or your companies?

In this class HALO welcomes a guest NAOMI Okawa. She is a ballet master who is wonderful and very crazy body-geek.
Join us at KARADA Awaking Stretch class for understanding your body and finding the way to keep your body health.

English speaker is also welcomed, NAOMI speaks both English and Japanese.


Eager to understand your true body
Maximize your daily exercise
==KARADA Awakening Stretch==

20191104 Naomi OKAWA

Date and time: Monday, November 4, 2019, 11: 00-13: 00 * Holiday
Place: Classroom or studio near Shibuya
Entry fee: only place fee (about 3,000 yen)

=Step 1=
KARADA Awareness
“Proper Body Alignment” helps you understanding your body needs.

=Step 2=
KARADA Conscious
“Proper Body Alignment” leads you right choices.

=Step 3=
KARADA Prevention
“Proper Body Alignment” prevents injuries.

“KARADA Awareness”
What is my “Proper Body Alignment”??
Always exhausted/ Stiff Shoulders/ Low energy
These are the signals from your body
Listen to your body needs. Strengthen your intuition= “KARADA Awareness”
Be in touch and listen to your body;

1) Foot arches and toes
Feet are your roots. Increase foot arches are key to good health.

2) Pelvis position
Imagine your body is made by 8 balanced balls.

3) Shoulder blades
Shoulder blades are just like angel wings. You can fly if you use it right, or it will be an anchor
and limit your motion.

20191104 Naomi OKAWA
<Instructor Naomi OKAWA>
Through her early classical Ballet training with Hideko Ishizawa, she also studied the Mitzvah Technique
(focused on dealing with body mechanics in a state of motion) under Amelia Itcush. At age 13, Ms. Okawa was
invited to attend summer intensive at BalletMet in Columbus, OH by its artistic director David Nixon and Yoko Ichino.She graduated from Butler University with a B.F.A. in dance performance in 2006. She then moved to New York City and taught ballet at the Martha Graham School. She actively performed and exhibited her own choreographies. She studied Yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonic and Zumba in NY. Ms. Okawa obtains Appearance Enhancement License.